Mossify Ultimate Sample Pack

Mossify Ultimate Sample Pack

Mossify Ultimate Sample Pack

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This package deal comes with:
1 x Mossify mistr™
1 x 16" Bendable Moss Pole™ 
1 x 30" Bendable Moss Pole
1 x 42" Bendable Moss Pole
1 x 16" Bendable Coir Pole
1 x 30" Bendable Coir Pole
1 x 42" Bendable Coir Pole

A TOTAL OF 6 POLES + 1 mistr
(Each pole includes pins or plant tape)

🌿  Climbing Plants DO NOT grow at a perfect 90º angle... So why are all the other moss poles straight?
Not here. 💫

At Mossify, we have developed the first Bendable Moss Pole™ and we are SO proud of it. 

Our instruction tags include 3 languages: English, French & Spanish!

We use beautiful sustainability farmed moss. 💚

Beautiful Moss 

*Patent Pending 

⬇️  Watch this "How To" video here: ⬇️

The idea came to our founder Lucas after creating multiple Bonsai trees at home. In Bonsai, there is a technique to wrap wire around the trunk & branches of a tree to manipulate them into funky positions. We are using the same principle on a larger scale! 

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