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Premium Reindeer Moss

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Create a moss masterpiece with Reindeer Moss!

Our Premium Reindeer Moss comes in five stunning shades of green. Perfect for adding a burst of colour to any DIY project. Reindeer Moss has a fresh, soft, and spongy texture, bringing a natural feel to your creations. 🌿

Commonly used in floral décor and crafts, it also adds a vibrant touch to terrarium designs and works beautifully as a soil cover for your potted plants. Plus, it's an incredible medium for adding texture and colour to your DIY projects!

ENHANCE your craft and décor possibilities with our Premium Reindeer Moss!

What's included:

  • 45g Premium Reindeer Moss in your chosen colour (0.1 lbs).

Reindeer Moss Care:

  • Sunlight is not required;
  • Water is not required;
  • Preserved to retain its colour and texture;
  • This moss is ready to use right out of the package.

Used for:

  • Floral arrangements;
  • DIY Projects;
  • Adding colour and texture to terrariums;
  • Covering soil in potted plants;
  • Much more.

Our reindeer moss is preserved to perfection, ensuring that its beautiful colour remains steadfast and doesn't fade over time. It brings the serene tranquility of nature into your arrangements, whether you're crafting a rustic centrepiece, designing a miniature fairy garden, or adorning a terrarium.

While its common name might suggest otherwise, reindeer moss is not actually moss. This intriguing organism, known scientifically as Cladonia rangiferina, is a lichen—a composite organism resulting from a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and an alga. Unlike mosses, which are classified as bryophytes, lichens such as reindeer moss represent a harmonious partnership of two distinct organisms, each contributing to the survival and growth of the whole. So, while it might go by 'moss', this fascinating lichen tells a more complex story of coexistence in nature.

Please be aware, due to the nature of the dyeing process, our moss may transfer colour, particularly when wet. To prevent any unintended staining, we advise you to protect light-coloured surfaces and fabrics while handling the product. For optimal results, we recommend using our dyed Reindeer Moss for decorative purposes.

Indulge in the unique appeal of our Reindeer Moss and let your creativity flow!