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How To Use The Bendable Moss Pole™ (2022 Update)

How To Use The Bendable Moss Pole™ (2022 Update)

No plant ever grows at a perfect 90 degree angle in nature. So instead of having a straight stick to support your houseplants, the Bendable Moss Pole™ is the perfect way to mimic your tropical houseplant's natural growing environment.

On this tutorial video, we walk you through step by step how-to properly repot your plant using The Bendable Moss Pole™. 

  1. Put the Bendable Moss Pole at the bottom of an empty pot;
  2. Add soil on top of the base;
  3. Make sure to compress the soil;
  4. Insert your plant in the pot;
  5. Top up with more soil in the pot;
  6. Get creative and shape your bendable moss pole;
  7. Insert the pins on the pole to support the plant stems;
  8. Bonus step: use your Mossify mistr to give your plants the ultra fine mist they want. 
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