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Moss Grower Pack - For the Shade

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Perfect To Add Lush Moss Greenery To Any Surface You Want 💚

Discover the beautiful greenery of a moss haven with the Moss Grower Bundle. This curated bundle merges the gentle growth of our Growable Moss with the rainforest mist of The Original Mossify mistr™, offering a tailored care solution for your lawn, flagstone joints, terrariums & more. Whether you want to add some greenery in the shade, we have the perfect pairing to enhance its lush vibrancy.

This Bundle Comes With:

1 x Growable Moss for the Shade:

  • Slow-growing, shade-loving moss;
  • Organic tackifier gel powder for easy germination;
  • Detailed care and application instructions.

1 x Mossify mistr™:

  • Automatic rechargeable water mister (750ml);
  • 1 Micro USB charging wire;
  • Instructions manual (English, French, Spanish);
  • 1 Year warranty (More information below).

Quick facts about the Growable Moss for the Shade:

  • One bag of Growable Moss for the Shade contains 16 oz. of moss fragments.
  • One bag of Growable Moss for the Shade covers up to 15 square ft.
  • The Growable Moss for the Shade is softly glossy and its colour will tend to fluctuate from shiny emerald green when moist to a brownish green tone when dried out. 

How to Apply Growable Moss for the Shade:

  1. Place the Growable Moss for the Shade in a bucket with a few cups of water or spread the Growable Moss on your desired area and mist it thoroughly with water.
  2. If you placed the Growable Moss in a bucket, let it stand for around 10 minutes.
  3. Then apply the gel-like paste to any surface, whether it be pavement, wood, flagstone, rock, or soil. Ensure that your desired shaded area is cleared from all weeds, leaves, and debris.
  4. Once you start watering the area you applied your Growable Moss for the Shade daily, you will start seeing moss grow as early as in 5 weeks.
  5. Keep in mind that both these types of moss grow at a much slower pace than most. So, being patient and persistent is key! 🔁
  6. For more details about the process: read this in-depth care guide.

Tired of using your manual mister? 🤔💦

At Mossify, we have the best fully rechargeable continuous water mister on the market and we are extremely proud of it. Bring back some natural mist to your plants. Recreate the rainforest with this ultra fine mist! Increase your plants moisture levels without over watering your soil. 🌱

📏 Mossify mistr™ Measurements:

  • Box: 4" X 4" X 12";
  • mistr: 3.3" x 11.2";
  • Volume: 750 ml;
  • Power Source: 2000 mAh;
  • Material: Non-toxic ABS. 

✨ How to use your mistr:

  • Charge fully before first use;
  • Add water;
  • Point spray away from you;
  • Hold ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to turn ON;
  • Press ON/OFF button once to PAUSE;
  • Hold ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to turn OFF (mistr will turn off automatically if left alone);
  • Please wash at least once a week!

We truly believe that our mistr will fit into your space perfectly. 

⬇️  Watch this "How-To" video here: ⬇️