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Free shipping over $150 - Free gift over $200
Free shipping over $150 - Free gift over $200


Gifting a plant person?

🎁 Gifting is all about receiving huge smiles in return. Seeing the joy on someones face as they say "This is exactly what I needed!" or "I've been wanting one of these!". It's truly one of the best feelings in the world! 🌎
If that person you know LOVES house plants, Mossify is such a great option! We are a small team of Canadians 🇨🇦 that truly love what we do each day, providing amazing quality products for amazing peoples plants. 
Black Friday will truly be on of our best sales ever and we are really looking forward to telling you more about it! 🖤
We urge you to support smaller local businesses. (by that we mean businesses located in Canada or the USA... A LOT of Amazon sellers are from overseas so everyone is really supporting overseas merchants!)
Our team works so hard everyday to make everyone and their plants happy!! Sign up now to our email list and have first access to us before everyone else!! 💚

Plant people content.