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Top 5 Benefits of Moss Poles

Top 5 Benefits of Moss Poles

If you are reading this blog right now, you have already heard the hype about moss poles. Everyone on instagram seems to be using one in one way or another, but what is the real reason why they are using moss poles? How do moss poles help plants? Are moss poles even doing anything (besides looking super cool in the background photos of your indoor jungle). There is so much to learn about moss poles and if you haven’t tried one out for yourself yet, you definitely don’t want to miss out. 

 Today we are going to talk all about moss poles and share our top five reasons why you should buy a moss pole for your tropical climbing house plants! 

What are moss poles to begin with?!

Moss poles are structures that support indoor tropical houseplants. They are made of various moss, and mimic your tropical houseplant’s natural growing environment. Why is this important? Well we should put ourselves in our plants 'roots' for a day to really understand!

Occasionally, your indoor tropical houseplants are classified as epiphytes. Epiphytes are plants that grow on the base of trees and use the closest trees to support their vertical growth. They are sometimes called air plants and rely solely on the support of surrounding trees. 

When we bring an epiphyte plant indoors, we drastically remove them from their natural growing environment. Indoor raised epiphytes are often seen with supports that look like small sticks to keep them growing upright. Think of the last orchid you brought home, it was probably purchased with a small green stick that supported its vertical growth. This is crucial for the plant and without the support, the plant will almost certainly fall over and break somewhere along the stem. To avoid breakage and the death of your new plant, nurseries will often support it with a long stick. 

So what does that have to do with moss poles you say? Well moss poles are a giant upgrade to the regular stick support. Let's jump into the top five reasons why your indoor tropical houseplants will never want to go back to a life without a moss pole! 

Here it is! 

#1.  Moss poles store important nutrients for your plants!

It's true! When you use a moss pole, you are giving your plant a natural place to store and collect micronutrients. The moss poles make micronutrients available for use later on when your plant needs it most! So if you forget to follow your watering and fertilizing schedule, the moss pole provides a little extra wiggle room for you and your plant. We have all had those days where we tell ourselves we will “do it later” and completely forget until you see your green baby wilting helplessly in the corner… cut yourself a bit of a break and water your moss pole! You and your plant will be grateful you made the change! 

#2 Moss poles strengthen and support vines through their aerial roots!

So we already spoke about how the moss pole supports your plants, but did you know it can strengthen them too? If your plant has aerial roots, you will be excited to know that overtime, your plant will dig its roots into the moss pole! This is also how your plant will collect the stored micronutrients! After a few months of growth, you’ll notice the aerial roots find their way into the moss and will use the support to strengthen its new place in your home. Which brings us to the next awesome fact about moss poles! 

#3 Moss poles can help your plant's leaves grow bigger! 

When your plant is secured to the moss pole properly and you begin to see those aerial roots digging into the moss, you will be pleased to know that this can make a difference in the size of your plant's leaves! Since some plants don’t reach their full maturity without a stable tree beside them, the moss poles can mimic their natural growing environment and provide them with the necessary nutrients and environment that they need to grow to their max. Just remember to keep watering regularly, keep the moss pole moist and don’t forget to use your natural fertilizers as the package instructs to give your plant the most powerful edge you can! 

#4 Moss poles mimic your plant’s natural growing environment! 

Moss poles mimic your plant’s natural growing environment and are awesome for climbing and vining plants. When you invite a plant that was initially from a tropical rainforest into your home, adding a moss pole can be the difference it needs to thrive! The bendable moss poles from Mossify are especially catered to this benefit because of their ability to bend and shift to the shape of your plant. Mossify moss poles bend to your plant's natural growing pattern. You can switch up the pole whenever you would like to as well, as it adds a new layer of creativity to your indoor jungle!  

#5 Moss poles can be used to train your plants! 

Moss poles make it much easier to train your plants to grow in fun patterns and to match the decor and style of your living arrangement! Use a moss pole to add height to a bare corner, drawing attention upwards and creating a more balanced interior design. Or you could bend your bendable moss pole into a shape that adds character to your home and fits the season, such as a heart for Valentine’s Day, a circle for a mid-century modern styled apartment, or a large spiral to add dimension to a dull plant shelf! The possibilities are endless when it comes to the decor of your home, and using moss poles to train your plants can be an incredibly creative way to do so! 

As you can see, there are so many great reasons to try out a moss pole in your tropical plant collection! We are positive that you will not only love the benefits your plant will receive from the micronutrients stored in the moss, and the possibility of growing larger leaves through stronger aerial root development, but also the creative aspects that moss poles bring into your living space. 

So, if you haven't already hopped in the car to visit your local plant nursery, keep your eyes out the next time you plan on going plant shopping for a Mossify Bendable Moss pole! Your plants will thank you for it!  

Happy Planting!


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