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Zebra Wooden Trellis

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Color: Black

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  • Comes with a protective layer against water;
  • Clear rubber coated stakes to prevent rotting;
  • Dimensions: 17" high x 4" wide x 0.25" thick;
  • Designed & made in Canada with Canadian wood;
  • For indoor use only.

Create a modern masterpiece with your plant. 

Introducing our Zebra Wooden Trellis, a striking new addition to the Mossify collection that brings the allure of the wild to your indoor garden. Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing patterns of a zebra's coat, this unique trellis adds a touch of natural beauty to your home. Watch as your climbing, vining, or trailing plants mimic the zebra's stripes, winding their way up the trellis to create an ever-evolving piece of living art.

Just like our others wooden trellises, the Zebra Wooden Trellis is expertly crafted from high-quality Canadian Maple wood. This choice of material guarantees durability and longevity, offering sturdy support for your plants while maintaining the elegant, minimalist aesthetic that Mossify is renowned for.

The distinctive zebra stripe pattern of the trellis not only introduces a captivating wild element to your indoor garden but also provides the perfect framework for your favorite houseplants. Experience the shifting interplay of light and shadow on your walls as sunlight filters through the dynamic zebra design, creating an intriguing, safari-inspired atmosphere.

Our instruction tags, provided in three languages – English, French, and Spanish – ensure that you have all the information necessary to easily set up and enjoy your new Zebra Wooden Trellis. With its versatile design, this trellis is a stunning addition to any home or office, infusing your space with an adventurous, natural ambiance. Embrace the call of the wild and let your plants thrive against the backdrop of this uniquely patterned wooden trellis.

💚 Canadian sourced and Canadian made 🇨🇦

As supply chain issues are getting worse and the effort for Mossify to be as eco-conscious as possible, we have been making extreme efforts to bring manufacturing back to Canada and the United States. 

We use the best quality wood and finishes we could source. We promise you and your plants will love this trellis! It is absolutely stunning!

Notice to buyers:
This product is made from wood and is almost impossible to make two trellises the exact same. This product is made by a laser cutting machine and there may be minor burn markings. If there are any minor scratches, knots, small burn marks, small cracks in the wood or small drips from coating we unfortunately can not give a refund and will not accept returns or exchanges. We sincerely appreciate you keeping the environment in mind.

For a long lasting product, we recommend to re-seal your trellis every 6-12 months or as needed. This trellis is water resistant but not water proof, please be cautious and do not soak your wooden trellis with liquid often.

 Quality & Trees Matter ✨

We believe that a great plant support begins with great materials and construction. Each trellis is meticulously made by humans and machines together. You can feel good about it too! You are supporting local Canadian business & planting trees!!