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How We Started

How We Started

It started with a problem. 

I was seeing too much waste wood thrown away.

I researched.

A lot.

I invested.

A lot. 

To put this in perspective:

OCTOBER 2019  -  The idea phase.

DECEMBER 2019  -  Months of research and final decision to go all in.

JAN - FEBRUARY 2020  -  Test sales then COVID :( 


MAY 18th 2020 Official birthday of Mossify <3

Went through ups,

Went way down...

It was really tough to start a business while the world shut down :(

But we made it through.

If you ever ordered something off our site...

I hope you are working on your goals!

Would LOVE to see your goal cards!!


If you made it this far & inspired by our site & my story please leave a comment or share with your friends!!

Hope you enjoyed the video :)


Lucas :)

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