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How do you Stabilize a Moss Pole?

How do you Stabilize a Moss Pole?

We’ve all been there, you bring home a beautiful new houseplant and pick the perfect size moss pole to stabilize your plant.

Then it happens… the moss pole starts leaning, toppling over in the pot, and you're left asking the question: 

“How do I keep this moss pole from falling over?” 

Luckily, Mossify has a solution for your indoor houseplants.

Soon enough, you’ll be helping out your friends with their moss poles and all of your plant babies will be stable, sturdy and ready to dig those aerial roots into nutrient rich sphagnum moss. 

So let’s get at it, how do we stabilize a moss pole?

 We said MOSS POLE! 

Moss poles come in all sizes but are typically tall and thin. They are made to imitate the natural growing environment your houseplant was born in. However not all moss poles are created equally. 

Most moss poles are not designed for stability. They don’t have the support your plants need to climb and flourish.

Most houseplant soil is loose and light. The airy soil is important so your plants don’t suffocate and die of root rot, but it doesn't help much when installing and stabilizing a new moss pole. 

The smaller your moss pole, the easier it will be to stabilize them. However, as your baby plant matures you will have to look at larger sizes. 

Mossify moss poles come in 3 key sizes: 16” , 30” and 42”. The size of pole you choose will vary depending on the size of your plant.  Checkout our article about choosing the correct size moss pole.

It's all about the BASE.

 To prevent the pole from toppling over, Mossify moss poles come with an anti-lean granite base. 

Its sturdy structure adds weight to the bottom of your pot providing your plant balance and security.

The safe, natural material is ideal for your plant. Plus you won’t have to worry about it breaking down because granite is very strong. 

Installing a moss pole is super easy, especially if it has a solid base to keep it from leaning.

Let’s go over the steps for installing and stabilizing your moss pole. 

#1. Use an empty pot

First thing you need to do is empty the pot you plan on repotting in. 

When a pot is particularly small, the base of the moss pole may not fit flat to the bottom. You’ll know your pot is too small if the base does not fit flat to the bottom of the pot. 

To make sure your moss pole is standing upright and sturdy, upgrade the pot to a slightly larger size. For reference, the largest Mossify granite base is 3” by 2 ½”. 

#2. Fill base with rocks 

Next, we recommend filling the bottom layer of the pot with chunky rocks to keep the base in place.

The rocks should cover the granite base of the moss pole and the whole bottom of the pot. 

This will secure the pole and ensure that no shifting occurs when moving your plants around the house. 

#3. (Optional) Sphagnum Moss

If you enjoy bottom watering your plants, we would recommend layering the sphagnum moss around the drain holes at the bottom of the nursery pot and between rocks to facilitate capillary action. You can also layer moss on top of the rocks to create a mossy bed for the roots and soil before inserting your plant. 

#4 Fill with soil & insert your plant

Place a handful of soil on top of the rocks and insert your freshly loosened root ball onto the layer of soil and gently layer additional soil in and around the plant until you are ½ - 2 inches from the top of the pot. 

Lightly press the top inch of soil specifically around the base of your plant, then sprinkle loose soil on top. 

And just like that.. You are officially an expert at installing a secure and stable moss pole. 

All that's left is taping your plant to the moss pole to encourage its new growing pattern.

Or, if you are ready to get adventurous, start designing your moss pole into different shapes! 

Now get out there and stabilize that moss pole! :) 


Mary @ Mossify 

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