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Sorted Wooden Trellis Pack

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Create Modern Masterpieces with Your Plants, Thoughtfully Bundled for You 

Discover the perfect blend of function and style with our Sorted Wooden Trellis Pack. Crafted meticulously in Canada, each trellis is designed to provide sturdy support for your climbing, vining, or trailing plants, helping them flourish in a structured yet natural way. 

This package deal includes:

  • Zebra Wooden Trellis in Black;
  • Copacabana Wooden Trellis in White;
  • Cross Hatch Wooden Trellis in Gold;
  • Tropical Squares Wooden Trellis in Natural;


Indulge in the atmospheric charm brought forth by our Sorted Wooden Trellis Pack, where each design pays homage to unique inspirations, creating a contemporary sanctuary for your plants. The Rainbow Trellis adds a playful whimsy reminiscent of a rainbow's arc, while the Copacabana Trellis ushers in a tropical rhythm akin to the iconic waves of Copacabana Beach.

With the Tropical Squares Trellis, experience the sleek minimalism of Asian architecture, and let the classic elegance of cross-hatch patterns in the Cross Hatch Trellis elevate your garden's sophistication. Lastly, the Zebra Trellis, drawing from a zebra's mesmerizing stripes, lets your plants weave a natural, evolving artwork.

The distinctive designs and colors - Black, White, Gold, and Natural, are handpicked to complement your indoor space, blending effortlessly with a variety of interior décor themes.

Notice to buyers:

This product is made from wood and is almost impossible to make two trellises the exact same. This product is made by a laser cutting machine and there may be minor burn markings. If there are any minor scratches, knots, small burn marks, small cracks in the wood or small drips from coating we unfortunately can not give a refund and will not accept returns or exchanges. We sincerely appreciate you keeping the environment in mind.

For a long lasting product, we recommend to re-seal your trellis every 6-12 months or as needed. This trellis is water resistant but not waterproof, please be cautious and do not soak your wooden trellis with liquid often.