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Tall Climbing Plant Support Pack

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This package deal comes with:

1 x 42" Bendable Moss Pole™:

  • 10 Flower pins - 1.75" (They are sharp, push pin down at 45° angle);
  • 1 Solid granite stone anti-lean base;
  • Galvanized steel frame (No harm to plants);
  • Burlap inner layer;
  • Premium sphagnum moss mix outer layer.

    1 x 42" Bendable Coir Pole™:

    • 3 ft. of reusable plant tape;
    • Galvanized steel frame (no harm to plants);
    • Premium Manila coir outer layer;
    • 1 solid granite stone anti-lean base - 4" Long x 2.25" Wide x .9" Thick.

    1 x Garden Utility Shears:

    • Satisfying wooden handle perfect for left & right hand use;
    • Built-in locking mechanism that prioritizes the user's safety;
    • Multi-purpose. (vines, stems, branches)  🌱;
    • For indoor or outdoor use. 

    1 x Premium Sphagnum Moss:

    • 40g Premium Natural Sphagnum Moss Mix;
    • Absorbs 20x its weight;
    • Great for propagating, terrariums, soil mixing and more;
    • Sun is not required.

    1 x Mini Water Mister:

    • Holds 10ml of liquid;
    • Comes with a spray bottle and a white bottle cap.

    Create a stunning masterpiece with your plant 

    Climbing Plants DO NOT grow at a perfect 90º angle. So why are all the other moss poles straight? Not here... At Mossify, we have developed the first Bendable Moss Pole and we are SO proud of it. 🌿

    The Original Bendable Moss Pole™ is a groundbreaking and award-winning moss pole that's revolutionizing the way you support and enhance the growth of your tropical plants. Created with both novice and experienced indoor gardeners in mind, our unique and versatile pole is an essential addition to any tropical plant collection.

    Unlike traditional, rigid moss poles that dictate the direction of your plant's growth, our Bendable Moss Pole™ is designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing your plants to grow at their own natural pace and in any direction they please. 
    It also features a sturdy stone base at the bottom, providing maximum stability as your plants grow and thrive.

    We include floral pins on every moss pole, and our instruction tags include 3 languages: EnglishFrench & Spanish!

    *This product is protected under Patent No. D989,355

    🌿 Thinner and More Versatile Than Ever 🤩

    Get ready to level up your indoor garden game with The Original Bendable Coir Pole™. This unique, award-winning plant support system is just what your tropical plants have been craving. Handcrafted with premium Manila rope, our Bendable Coir Pole™ is not only flexible and easy to use, but it's also perfect for all your climbing, vining, and trailing plants.

    What sets our Bendable Coir Pole™ apart from the traditional Bendable Moss Pole™ is that it's thinner and more pliable, making it an amazing support for a wide variety of plant sizes and shapes, like orchids, hoyas, pothos, and much more.

    Sphagnum Moss: Keep moisture locked-in 💦

    Who doesn't love some good old Sphagnum Moss? This moss has been used most commonly for orchids. It can also be mixed in with your soil to act as a conditioner. This moss is also amazing for propagating your plants.

    This dry Premium Natural Sphagnum Moss Mix is plenty for one of your potted plants. Sphagnum Moss can hold 20x its dry weight in water. 💧 SUPPORT your plants needs!

    Sphagnum Moss Care:

    • Sun is not required;
    • Let the moss absorb water for 10 minutes;
    • Keeps in the moisture;
    • This moss is able to come back to life.

    Used for:

    • Soil mix;
    • Propagating;
    • Potting mixture;
    • Epiphytic plants like Orchids;
    • Terrariums;
    • Much more.

    Garden Utility Shears: an awesome solution to your general pruning needs 🌿

    Our PREMIUM stainless steel Garden Utility Shears will be your perfect help for cutting old leaves, damaged branches, growing vines and much more!

    When should you prune your houseplants?  🤔

    In general, houseplants require to be pruned at the start of the growing season, which for most is early spring. The only exception are woody houseplants, which must be pruned continuously throughout the year to remove dead leaves and damaged branches. 

    Climbing plants and indoor trees, can also fiercely grow in the direction of the sun, which means they might become too big or tall for their own environment. This can be easily avoided by pruning your plants, which also gives them a more compact look and shape.

    💚 Mini mist anything you can imagine 💦

    These Mini Water Misters are a handy alternative if you are looking for a small misting bottle. You can fill it up with anything that carries the same properties as water does. 💧🪴

    What's Included:

    1 x Mini Water Mister: 

    • Holds 10ml of liquid;
    • Comes with a spray bottle and a white bottle cap;
    • Refillable and reusable;
    • Clear;
    • Extremely easy to carry around.

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